Response Mail Envelope Disclaimer

In reference to all full color overnight, next day, express, urgent full color envelopes; Please understand the following disclaimer will hold The Sign Shopper, Imagepro Signs, LLC and all officers, employees, affiliates and interest holders harmless, not responsible or liable in any manner including  reimbursement, refund, for loss of business, postage or any other claim due the failure of acceptance or delivery by the United States Postal Service or any other delivery or use of the envelopes. By the purchase of the envelopes, you agree to the terms and acknowledge the responsibility for acceptance and delivery of the purchased envelopes.

Each United States Postal Service Post Office has the right to review, accept and deny any letter, parcel or printed material, including the proper addressing, sorting, postage and permitting. We can not be responsible for each post office or carrier that your envelope will be accepted or delivered. We are offering these products for purchase at your own risk of acceptance and delivery.

This disclaimer is in response to other similar products being rejected by the USPS.

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