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Box/Can Illuminated Sign Estimator
The following calculations are for estimate pricing only. By completing the information prior to this page and selecting submit below, we will email you an accurate estimate for your approval. ImagePro Signs, LLC will never proceed with a project until the client agrees and approves all art work and and an agreement is signed.

Sign Cost Calculator

*Number of poles to install:
Height (in feet) of sign:
Length (in feet) of sign:
**Number of upgrades faces:
(for actual face quote, click here)
Total cost:  


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The estimate sign quote includes the following quality components:

  • Custom steel welded and reinforced frame.
  • � Lifetime All-Aluminum baked enamel skin.
  • � U.L. approved name brand high output sign ballast.
  • � U.L. approved high output fluorescent lamps.
  • � Flat two color, moderate coverage Acrylic faces.
  • (pan and/or embossed faces are recommended for any sizes larger than 4'x8'. Figure "upgraded faces" on the sign calculator for a more accurate pricing.)

*"Number of poles to install" included "call before you dig" the digging of footings (up to 24" x 9'), actual steel pole up to 8" x 40' direct burial, setting of the pole. Concrete varies from location to location and will be figured on official quote.

**"Number of upgraded faces" - Use this option to enter the amount of face to be pan, embossed, have multiple colors or difficult artwork. Actual cost will be emailed.

Quote does not include mileage or hourly trip charges, surveys, engineering drawings if required by the permitting municipality, permit acquisition, permit licenses and fees,

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