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Completed LED Projects (click to enlarge)
Hunter Army Airfield - Savannah, GA
Montgomery Gate Wilson Gate
Entrance Boards Safety Boards Entrance Boards Safety Boards
Rio Gate
Fort Stewart - Hinesville, GA
Gate 1 Gate 5
Safety Boards Safety Boards
Gate 3 Gate 8
Safety Boards Safety Boards
Shelton Elementary School - Dallas, GA
Simply Sold Realty - Douglasville, GA
Lillian C. Poole Elementary - Dallas, GA
Georgia State Bank - Hiram, GA

Outdoor Electronic Signs and LED Displays

ImagePro Signs offers high quality, low cost outdoor LED signs for your business or organization! Imagine full motion video, animations, and moving text delivering your eye-catching message 24 hours a day! All this, with the ease and convenience of changing your electronic display right from your computer.

Our electronic displays are available with 256 shades of red or amber. We also offer COLOR! Exposed LED technology delivers a brighter display with higher readability, ensuring your advertising message is delivered with maximum impact. LED technology is also energy efficient, saving you money.

In addition to the superior electronic display, all LED signs include the quality sign components you've come to expect from ImagePro Signs. 3M vinyl graphics, graffiti resistant DuPont powder coat paint and unbreakable solar grade Lexan identification faces ensure that your sign will look great for years to come. Add to this our unbeatable warranty and you'll see why our clients say...

IMAGEPRO offers the total LED sign package� all for thousands less!
Call us today for more information: 1-888-562-4346 or contact us    

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LED Display Types
We offer two different types of LED displays.
  17mm Display
  • Best for viewing distances of 10 to 1000 feet
  • Better for city traffic (under 55mph)
  • More graphics capabilities
  • More text capabilities
  • 35mm Display
  • Best for viewing distances of 200 to 2000 feet
  • Better for highway traffic (over 55mph)
  • Brighter display
  • Better for large text
  • Mounting Methods
    How your LED display and identification cabinet are supported is known as the mounting method. We currently offer three different mounting methods.
    Double Pole with Cowling
    Double Pole without Cowling
    Single Pole
    Check out our Installation Instructions for these mounting methods.
    Other Options
    All of our LED products can be customized to your needs
    Custom Cabinet Sizes
    Custom Leg Heights
    Double or Single Sided

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